A variety of fixations plague minds. Ours seems to be weight. A weight now as large as it weighs on the brain. There, it rests, king of all neurons and nerves. And it commands a being, 500 times its size, to do as it pleases. So we sit in thoughts dominated by calories, wallowing in rivers of guilt and despair, dying to shed the weight on our bodies and our minds. But then what? Once it is shed, then what? Does life become this rosy garden full of guilt-free indulgences and admirations from random romeos? Absolutely not. Because having been on both sides of the spectrum, I realize, nothing brings on that rosy hue except the liberation of the mind. Because the world remains as crappy as it is. You’re just 20 pounds lighter in the face of it. But when the mind becomes free, you are 1000 pounders lighter, happily floating over all the gravitations pulls we call ‘problems’.


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