Twilight:Breaking ‘down’

So the new vampire blockbuster is an intellect-duster of sorts. It wipes away all coherent thoughts until you leave the cinema feeling like a blubbering fool. All because you spent 2 hours of your life watching a ridiculously bad plot and actors with expressions that range from confused to more confused. It really makes me wonder about the intellect/self esteem of the author. More about mine. Pulled into the mystery of the glossy poster and the idea of a romance, I entered the gates of mental hell. And put myself through the misery of watching a story NOT unfold. Just floating in limbo until the credits roll. I would say please don’t bother watching it.

But when the sequel comes 0ut, the glossy posters go up, the immortal couple spout some cheesy lines in the trailors, I know where I’ll be. Right there in line to see it.


One thought on “Twilight:Breaking ‘down’

  1. Oh dear lord …Whyyyy?? here’s a topic for longer introspection… ;P

    (ps. dont blame the author …. i hear the books are pretty good its the movies that are shyyte!)

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