Limitations of the small mind

In this world, sometimes you are faced with people who have small minds. But the smaller the mind is the higher the probability that they will become a pain. And not a major pain, but the nagging kind, which in actuality is a lot more painful. So you deal with them because you keep telling yourself that their mind is small, so your heart should be bigger. But it becomes increasingly difficult when that little mind is in your face, 24/7. That is when the muderous thoughts occur. When you want to rip that brain out of its host, squish it until all the neurons stop functioning, and then stomp on it just in case any proof of life remains. And sometimes you are ruled by these small brains. Small brains with long tongues, to lick and suck their way up the corporate totem pole. So they reign by being overbearing and unfair and you must comply if you want to survive. Let’s just say, I know exactly how this feels.


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