Movie Review: Machine Gun Preacher

What a movie. What a darn amazing movie. Apparently Gerard Butler is one of the producers on this as well as the lead actor. Goes to show what a good eye he has for a gut-wrenching yet brilliant plot. This is based on the story of Sam Childers, the foul-mouth, criminal, arrogant biker, who finds his calling in Sudan. He goes from a trailer in a southern town in USA to being a savior of hundreds of Sudanese children. The movie is quite underrated, especially in Dubai, where we ended up watching it purely as a last resort. But what an eye-opener it ended up being. The pathos, the acting and the plot is definately worth spending an evening in the cinema. The facts you learn and the insight into the plight of the Sudanese people is enough to put even the most humanitarian of us to shame. I think this is as much as I should give away. It’s a must see.


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