Facing demons

I confronted my demons today. Dead on. Not by choice. Completely by a ‘twist’ of fate. I spent 15 minutes locked up in a hotel bathroom. In a foreign country. Where I am by myself. And no one knows my local no. So you can imagine the dilemma. By the way… Did I mention I’m severely claustrophobic?
So here I am. In this bathroom, screaming for dear life, with no response. And no credit in my phone. As well as barely any signal. So here I am, stuck to the door, hyperventilating, when I get one signal bar. So I message my friend in Dubai, who calls the hotel here and they come up, 5 minutes later. As I burst out, I am told by this lady: ‘you twist wrong… You locked it’. I look at her incredulously but am too happy enjoying my freedom.
Today. I am free of one demon. Until I get locked up again. Keep your ears peeled for screams coming from some city’s hotel bathroom. That would be me.


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