Culinary Pleasures

I recently had the pleasure of trying out Beirut’s fantastic french restaurant, Cocteau*. Now, good food has always been a weakness of mine. But the food here was divine. First came the warm, freshly baked, bread. It was almost impossible to curb my nibbling, because, with the butter, this bread was scrumptious. Finally, by telling myself repeatedly that the main course was yet to come, I waited impatiently for my beef fillet with mushroom. And i was not disappointed. Not even close. It was fantastic. From the first bite, to the last scrape (yes I was literally wiping the plate clean with my fork).

But then…the dessert! Apple crumble with vanilla ice-cream. It was a heavenly little temple of joy. Upon cracking the crumbly top, the apple came oozing out, the flavor filling the senses and the warmth heating up the soul. Needless to say, between the 2 of us, it was wiped off within seconds.

I would say, for a fantastic cruise down french-food lane, this restaurant is a must try.



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