Sick of being sickened by your sick mind

Yes. This post will be about being sickened. By the sick minds of some sick people. And no I do not mean sick like ‘sick man!’ the way the cool kids are using it. I mean ‘ill’, ‘rotted’ and ‘disturbed’. The people who pull you down. The ones that love to remind you how you failed, or what you missed. The ones who are like the ball boys of a tennis match. The moment you miss a shot, they are the first to run to catch it. Always waiting. Tension riding up and down their spines because they cannot let anything less than perfect slip. Obviously, these people are perfect themselves, which is why the have the god-given ability to correct all around them. No, I am being sarcastic. They don’t have a friggin right. None at all.

In fact, these people need to be bitch-slapped up till oblivion so they shut the hell up. They are all around you. The nay-sayers if you may. The ones who can cast a black shadow on a perfectly sunny day. I got something up my sleeve for you nay-sayers. Today, your black clouds will face my Positivity vacuum cleaner. It will suck your negativity and convert it into creativity and smiles. Yes, today I will talk like a friggin oompa loompa! I will be on a mission.

My cape will have the logo of a vacuum.


You can call me D. D for Dispeller.



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