How to keep that smile and the love going

It’s hard. It is very very hard. But you have to. For the sake of sanity, well-being, mental peace and of course good skin. I know. Because every time I have walked into a situation with a spring in my step, my head has hit the ceiling. Translation: The happier I am, the harder I get hit. But I persevere. Because that is a must. It is the only way to survive. I convert the throbbing in my head, to a mantra that repeats ‘I can do it. I can do it’, as it hammers away at my left brain.

Do I struggle? All the time. Because I am not the ‘let it be let it go’ type of personality. I have to capture it, fix it, perfect it, analyze it, get satisfied and then maybe…somewhat…let it go. But I am beginning to realize, that isn’t a viable solution anymore. with work, with people or with myself. Fixing and analyzing does not aid the situation and it sure as hell does not help me. So I am now exploring a different avenue. The one to try and be carefree. Is it working? Not sure. Have I improved? Not so much. Will I keep at it? As long as I love chocolate. Translation: For as long as I shall live.


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