Somewhere in my recent past used to be a hyper, always up for anything individual. That individual was me. Now that individual NOT me. And I miss her. Because in one year, I changed. And went from being in sleep deficit to being in sleep surplus. Like an old lady, I am now always tired, or sleepy, or cranky. Work consumes my life. And then the rest is consumed by sleep. Is it a physical change or a mental one? Is it boredom taking the shape of some shut-eye? Who knows. Well, enough said. It’s nap time.


One thought on “Bored

  1. My dear Sarpe, i think it’s your state of mind. When we moved back to Tampa from Ghana, i was feeling restless, bored…and my poor husband got all of my ranting. Tired of my complaining, he asked me a simple question,”Who is stopping you from experiencing life the you want to”? After some pondering, the answer was clear, no one but me. It’s easier to blame the change in enviroment, but ultimatley it’s up to us. So i urge you to find that book, try a new reciepe, watch that old movie that brought those amazing memories, blast that song you cant resist and shake the ass your mama gave ya!
    Love you 🙂

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