Recently, I faced the dilemma. It was about being with your significant other on special days.

My theory is, every important moment needs to be celebrated in style. And I am talking dinner, flowers, romance, the works. But the other belief is, these things are unnecessary and cliche. I do not know which is right. My rational mind tells me, it is all unnecessary. Because in actuality, will these moments build a happy and lasting relationship? Or will it be the day to day support and respect that will lead to that happily ever after?

I sometimes think it could be a combination of both. But what to do if both parties are on completely different pages? Does one compromise and give up their fairytale notions? Or does the other join in on the Cinderella bandwagon?

On talking to different people, I received a variety of feedback. Some said, it was a ridiculous notion. Married life was too long and too complicated to be spending energy on trying to make a few days into fiascos. Some said the more the hoopla, the more closeness the couple will enjoy.

I am stuck in limbo. I do not know which is better. My heart and a plethora of romance novels from my childhood as well as the darn Disney cartoons tell me every anniversary and special moment needs to be celebrated to the extreme. This is why I whine and plot and plan. But is it worth all this? I remain confused.

2 thoughts on “Anniversaries

  1. I personally don’t believe in the notion that hooplah brings closeness.i think each couple is different and should therefore define their own coupling 🙂 and ofcourse compromising is key in any relationship

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