i feel saddest for those

Those would be the salesmen at different carpet/traditional goods at the Karachi airport or Jinnah Terminal. I always wonder about how good business would be for them. And I feel especially sad for them, yelling out ‘Madam shawl’ or ‘beautiful carpets just for you!’. Because there seems to be this desperation in this as they struggle through an English statement in the hope someone would be impressed enough to turn their way and maybe even buy something.
What I wonder about is why the salespeople of Pakistan choose to speak English when trying to make a sale. How does this improve any impression or guarantee customer interest? If it does, why should it? I wish somebody would come in and tell them, you’re never going to score sales because you greeted them in English, and you will never sell at this poor airport. The environment is just not conducive to consumption.


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