2011 – What a year

2011 is about to come to a close. And this year has been a big one. Best friends and I are enjoying our last year before the big 3.0. I attempted to cook, for a whole 2 months out of which one month enjoyed not-so-burnt food. Two women, very very close to me, M & S, found love. In the most surprising and beautiful way. I discovered Dubai as a home and a few new countries as a tourist. I discovered men can love just as much or even more than women. I got locked in the bathroom and am not only wiser now but also incessantly grateful to technology.

The list goes on. But what was significant in this year was…well, everything. Somehow, generations before us forgot to mention how crucial, difficult and life-altering the year 29 would be in one’s life. People talk about the trauma, the beauty and the significance of 30 as an age. But they forget 29. It is absolute limbo. It is the age where you transition from youth  to adulthood. So for this one year, you are left feeling alone and confused. For me, this year taught me many lessons. A plethora of friends does not guarantee any of them will stand by you or even be around for long. I learnt, the few close friends you make early in life somehow manage to be there in your hardest times, standing tall and strong even though they may not be prominent in each phase of life.

I learnt that despair leads to more despair. The key is to change your attitude, because a positive attitude can brighten up not only you, but your home. I learnt my actions were not my own anymore. The consequence of each move was felt in ripples by all those who love me, so I needed to tread with care. I also learnt being a rebel has its merits but should be curbed a bit.

Mostly, I learnt to grow up (slightly). Oh, and I married the love of my life:)


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