Bootcamping it

So my whole body hurts. Like it’s as if a steamroller went over me and cracked my bones. But inside, my soul is pleased. It is enjoying the pain. Because it’s time the body was punished. It’s time it was told ‘Drop that chocolate cake, you glutton!’ So as my soul laughs perversely, I struggle on.

Bootcamp has to be the hardest endurance/fitness test I’ve ever had to take. You stop for a breath and you hear the person next to you breathlessly continuing and you are filled with new reserve. If she can do it, I can. So you keep going, yelling along, losing you spirit and regaining it, feeling like your lungs will explode.

Did I enjoy it? I’m not sure yet. Does it hurt? More than I ever expected. Is it tough? That’s an understatement. Did I feel like I accomplished something? Yes. Down to the very last muscle ache.


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