Finally…a little something about latte

I am obsessed with coffee and tea. Like, nothing makes my heart skip a beat literally and figuratively quite like these 2 (Well, my husband does, but these come a close second).

So if anyone suggests grabbing a cuppa joe I leap at the opportunity. Dubai Mall, Dubai’s largest mall, hosts about 30-40 (I’m guessing) coffee shops. So you can imagine the excitement I feel at the plethora of possibilities each time I enter the gates of Dubai Mall.

So recently, I tried Second Cup coffee with an aunt and was pleasantly surprised. The taste was smooth and easy on the tongue. However, the hazelnut flavoring was a little too sweet for my liking. Gave me quite a sugar buzz though. I must say the caffeine content must have been substantial because immediately I was hippy hoppy. And to feel hippy hoppy in Dubai Mall is quite a feat, because the slippery floors and low temperatures are enough to suck the energy out of you.

I like hippy hoppy (notice I have used it thrice in 167 words) so I will try it again soon. The coffee that is. Until the next new coffee experience, I leave you with a quote:

‘No one can understand the truth until he drinks of coffee’s frothy goodness.’ (Anonymous)


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