I’m on a lookout for new experiences

Yes, this year  I am on a search for a new experience. It has recently hit me that soon I will be out of my 20s, and then everything will be different. (Maybe it isn’t quite as dramatic as I describe it, but it will be different.) So I have decided, this year I must go out and do a lot of things I have on my list, but keep deferring for another time. No more deferring, life is short (not really. In my personal opinion our lifetimes are quite long and we do have a lot of time to do a WHOLE lot of things).

For example, I want to sky-dive. I will be lying if I said I have not attempted it before. I have attempted, but I have always come back from the brink. And this time I have decided to take the plunge, literally.

I want to experience the feeling of accomplishing fitness goals. No slacking, no laziness and no excuses. Just exercise. Which is then followed by eating without guilt. Have whatever you want, no guilt. I was once there, not too long ago and I plan to get back into it. The fitness vacation is over.

Anyhow, the list goes on. But for all of you out there, I feel this year is a great one to go out and do all you think you will do eventually. Because eventually is too vague and too far. Its a little hiding spot for you. So step out and do it. Eventually is now.



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