Turtle reading

Recently, I have resorted to what I can Turtle reading. It is when you take a book, take months to read it, re-read each page at least thrice before proceeding but do not give up until it’s finished. I was never a Turtle reader, however nowadays life seems to have taken the front seat making my mind a playground of multiple thoughts. This means, I make myself some latte, I sit on my husband’s favorite chair and I open this book that I have been reading for the past 4 months. I look like a serious reader. I sound like a serious reader. But my mind? Oh its somewhere else completely. I am thinking of work, people’s issues, why the mat is lying crooked, how comfortable this chair is, how I hate that I missed my last workout class and that maybe tonight is a good night to curl my hair.

So I shake my head and stare harder at the page in front of me. Back to the top we go. I run my fingers under each line in the hope that this will direct my eyes and my thoughts. I make it, to the end of the page. I feel really proud. Then the thoughts come back, I have to cook healthy this year, should’ve bought that shirt on sale, why are Pakistani politics such a mess? Oh no! I have forgotten what just happened on this page. Back up we go.

Ok phew! Made it to the bottom. Interesting plot. Let’s read on. Bell rings, husband’s home. That’s ok. Talk for a bit and let’s finish this book.

Fast forward 3 months. I am now 5 pages past that page. Is the book interesting? Very much so! But its the curse of Turtle reading. But I will make it through, I can do this! Come on…I used to read a book a month! Where did my concentration go? Wait…let me scroll up to see what I have already told you.  Right. It went to hell.


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