What being sick can manifest within me

A demon. A spiralling whirlpool of crazy thoughts. A helpless victim. A manic depressive. But mostly sickness brings out what should be evident to me throughout…all that I should be grateful for. Recently I got struck by a particular strain of flu that was a persistent little bugger. And it took me down like David did Goliath. Needless to say that meant I had to give in, stay in bed and try to recover. And then began the thinking. Do you blame me? So I analyzed finances, mulled over relationships, dissected work projects et all. In short, it was a UN meeting of life in my head. And then came the anti-biotics. They’re little, they’re deadly and they’ll fix you. And fix you to a point you ARE in a fix. They take a toll on you. So with all this going on…the thoughts reign fearlessly. I mean with the only intervals being between snack breaks and phone calls…they’ve got a lot to play with. But once all the nagging ones have played out…come the positive ones.
The ones that remind me that when you are down and out people all over the world care enough to call and text. That you have a live in doctor/friend/punching bag who is by your side in sickness and in health (ok this sounded more dramatic than I hoped). And that life is sometimes best appreciated when you get a moment to just BE. No distractions. Just be. Ofcourse you don’t have much energy for anything else but it can be a welcome change. So my flu taught me something, when you’re down and out, you can count yourself blessed to have someone love you enough to see you through the grumpiness. That life sometimes moves so fast we don’t stop and think about the positive (the negative manages to sustain in short periods of time). So flu, thanks for knocking me down for a bit. I had the pleasure of appreciating the normal all the more.


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