The best co-pilot

The best co-pilot I have had in life has been my sister. I say co-pilot because one of the best memories I have with is with us in my little hatchback, weaving in and out of Karachi traffic as we blast music. So here we were, two girls, oddly similar looking even though features couldn’t be more different, jamming to tunes I had researched for hours to download and blast for her. In my excitement, because we never had too far to go, I would rapidly go through the songs, yelling over the din of the music, ‘this this! Listen to this part!!’. Fast forward 10 seconds later I would change the track and yell the same statement all over again. And this is how we would go quickly through the CD before we got to our destination. Our trip would be interspersed with me yelling at deviant drivers or telling her some theory that had just struck me enroute.

My co-pilot couldn’t have been more patient or more fun. She kept pace with my maniacal rantings about beats and guitar strings I found unique in each track. She switched quickly to debate-mode if the conversation turned philosophical only to giggle uncontrollably if a mock altercation occured with another driver. She listened patiently for tempo changes I wanted her to track in each tune. And she never complained. My rantings frequently ended with ‘I’m boring you arent i! Just say I am’ to which she would say ‘No no! Keep going I am interested!’ and that was all the encouragement I needed to go on talking her ear off.

I often find myself downloading songs with her in mind. ‘I am soooo going to make her hear this one!’ I feel my love for music and its tune is understood by no one better than her. Those car rides are some of the moments I cherish the most because in that moment, on 4 wheels, she makes me realize, no matter how winding the road or steep the hill, if its us and we have our favorite track on, we will be just fine.




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