As summer rolls around…

…my thoughts move to those working on the street in Dubai. This weekend marked the beginning of summer. With temperatures crawling to 28-29 degree Celsius…my heart rate followed suit. I imagined the sand flying all over, the hot air blowing from the skies, AC’s refusing to work even when cranked all the way down to 18 degrees and gadgets melting in cars. But these are first world problems. The truth is, those who will truly suffer now are the road/construction workers wearing their ‘protective gear’ and hard hats and working 14 hour shifts under this ruthless sun.

Maybe its hormones but I am pretty sure, even a testosterone filled alpha male will weep a bit at the sight of this men sweating profusely yet working relentless, cracking their jokes yet knowing the work must go on. I often wonder which building or which complex is so important that we must sacrifice human lives at the altar of a scorching day. But we live in those towers built on their sweat. And we never ever think about them. We whine about the walls being uneven or the plumbing being less than perfect, but we never thank those that have travelled far from their countries to build a land of dreams for us.

It makes me sad the jarring contrast in this country. People drive by in their million dollar cars but ignore the reflection of this worker wiping his forehead standing on the curb. This summer I pray will be less deadly in this desert. The previous prayer seems a bit irrational…so I pray they get plenty breaks and the summer is not as harsh on them.


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