About happiness and love

Are they interconnected? I always thought so, now I am not so sure. What is happiness? I thought it was a state of mind but how do you get to it if you have a firewall pre-existing in your mind? People blame a variety of things for their lack of joy…home life, jobs, lack of hobbies, weather and body issues. Yet, what about themselves? Isn’t the person you live with (read: yourself) the one who should be held responsible for your happiness? I know this is much easier to preach than practice, but doesn’t this ring true?

I live in a place popular for being a depressive city to live in. But then I have met many who think otherwise. I am however, stuck in a crossroads and feel like every city, Dubai has its ups and downs. It does lean a bit on the ‘low’ side because of the fake surroundings and the plethora of all sorts of people from all over the world, all caught in the rat race, competing for who has the fancier car and the biggest house. The more the bling, the better. And no matter how down to earth you may be, you get caught up. The reason is because there is no respect without the ‘branding’. The branding is so obvious here that sometimes people will refer to others as ‘Oh that girl…the one with that LV bag’. That’s horrendous. Not the girl with pretty eyes or (to be mean) frizzy hair but the girl with that bag. So now brands seem to be something that sets you aside from the rest. Or rather makes you like everyone else.

Ok, I have run out of things to say. Sorry. To be continued.


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