I get by because of a little kindness

So recently, a little part of me found joy in the sandstorm swept city of Dubai (Note: The weather in Dubai has been absolute crap because of a consistent sandstorm). I was waiting for a dress to be delivered to me at office for a good 3 weeks (delivery time being a week). These 3 weeks consisted of writing nasty emails to the website, panicking, checking at my reception obsessively and generally bad-mouthing the delivery company. And then I sort of gave up. Then yesterday, I received a call.

A woman, with a heavy Ghanian accent, asks me if I am Sarah. I say yes, and she proceeds to tell me the kindest tale. She says she received my package by mistake and did not recognize the address. She then googled the address, contacted my company, got a hold of me and told me about the mix up. We then went back and forth trying to figure out how I would get it from her. So I ended up going to her area, where she was sweet enough to cross the street, walk half a km to hand me my package, all with a smile, because I could not figure out her exact location. All this for me, even though technically I should have been making the effort. I was so touched. When I took it from her she said ‘I’m so glad its finally in safe hands. I can cook now’ which I thought was adorable.

So much kindness. I was superbly touched. I don’t know if I would ever have made so much of an effort for a small package. But she did and she made my day. It’s good to know you good people exist out there.


PS. 3 weeks after we met, the same lady called me to ask me over for Easter dinner. She concluded that since I am ‘Sarah’ I would be celebrating Easter. what a doll!

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