The printer that never got any…



Poor guy. Sits there in our living room. Dust collecting on it. Occasionally the resting stop for some newly bought books. Its grey, plastic body and mean angles but lacks one thing. Utility. It was bought with a lot of passion when my husband and I realized driving 10 minutes and paying 10 Dhs was not feasible every time we needed a passport copy. Sadly, the passion soon wore off and we continued driving 10 mins and paying 10 Dhs. It looks at us sometimes. Quite sadly I feel, as the cleaning lady quickly dusts over it, ignoring it just as obviously as we do. It lies next to the DVD player so I am sure there is some serious utility-envy. But what to do? It’s ended up with us. And connecting it is just something that we can never find time for. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. We do have time to drive 10 mins and no we don’t have time to hook it up. Poor guy. Maybe someday someone will show it love. Until then it must live its life, paperless, useless and well….attention less. Apologies dear printer.

One thought on “The printer that never got any…

  1. My next visit doesnt seem to be in he near future, so best to call me on how to operate it. It will take only 10 minutes and will save you the 20 min drive (10 going + 10 coming) and 10 Dhs.

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