MWF seeking BFF seeking me

So recently, I finished the new book MWF seeking BFF based on the blog by the same name ( A friend gifted me the book after I was going ape crazy trying to find a copy in Dubai. And it was a great read. The book began with the writer’s very honest statement…she was on the lookout for friends. Right as she said this, there was a fluttering in my heart, literally. It’s like the anchor holding my heart down to doubts and self-reprieve, broke away and let me be free. I had found someone who shared my exact thoughts. And not only shared them, was brave enough to voice them. The book then went on to tell the tale of her search for a best friend. A search that she had decided to extend to a year, with a new girl-date every week. Just the thought of that exhausted me. But as I moved through the book I began to admire her courage and audacity. She, a self proclaimed previously shy person, was approaching women in every aspect of life, friendship being the key objective. It was inspiring. Could I ever have this much courage? She then goes through the list of women, forming bonds, finding commonalities and letting herself find peace in this new mission. As I followed a journey, something clicked inside of me. I could be her. I could do this too. I could be brave too. I could do it.

So I began looking outwards instead of the inwards I had been looking recently, or rather for the past 2 years. I began to get excited about the potentials that this new strange new city could present me. I began to accept invitations I was previously rejected due to laziness, discomfort or just plain lack of interest. And it opened a new world for me.

Its amazing how as we grow older, we chose to cling to the bonds of our youth, without bothering too much about the people in the peripheries. But they matter. The only way to become deep rooted in a society is to create roots, literally. You form bonds with people and slowly you begin to intertwine into society, in the know and on the go. But this book also highlighted something else. That most of us are going through a similar human experience. And that itself gave me solace.



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