A rant against Tory Burch shoes

So, to go on a bit of a designer label bashing tangent, I feel its important to tell the world how bad Tory Burch shoes are. Its almost like you dint think 5 times before buying them and place your trust in a ‘trusted’ brand. So, to get to the point, I bought my first pair of silver shiny flats about  2 years ago. Let’s just say… I thought my wardrobe was about to be given new life…however…i have worn it for a total of 3 times. Why you ask? Because they hurt. The leather is tough, they scratch my little toe (yes, the cute one) and they seem to clamp down like a darn mouse trap within 15 minutes of walking in them. Designer shoes I ask? Torture tools I say.

Because I have never been the type who learns from just one mistake (how stupid would that be), I went and bought them for my sister. This time…the complaint was different, the color comes off. Are you kidding me? Tory Burch, why are you charging top dollar for crap merchandise? (here’s hoping she doesn’t turn around and reply…why are paying top dollar for crap?)

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