Karma is my frenemy

So recently, I have started to realize, Karma is no friend of mine, but it is certainly not an enemy either. In fact, it always looks out for me like an unwelcome guardian. In my life, every time I have done something regrettable or wrong in some sense, I have been punished for it almost immediately. I used to ponder over why some people have a free reign to do all they want, without any consequences. And I have continuously on the leash of life, held back as soon as I try to dabble in free thinking (read: evil).

Examples range from me judging someone’s lack of ability, and mine being questioned literally 3 months later. This is how fast karma acts on me. Instantly I am pulled back to reality and I regret my choices and thoughts.

But the bigger question remains, why are some people free of this leash? How do they manage to supersede their karma and live unaffected lives? I understand that you should never judge people from the outside, but it seems so frustrating. Here we are, committing relatively small ‘sins’ while people escape even after committing big ones.



One thought on “Karma is my frenemy

  1. I think Karma works to teach a lesson.if the lesson is learned, then there’s no need for karma..maybe those that seem to get away learn quickly :).

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