Guest post: The missing L

Few people come into your life and leave you in awe because their thoughts are so in line with yours. This post has been written by such a friend. The day we met, I realized our goals, ambitions and personalities were completely different, but our perception of the world was the same. So here is a little piece of my friend, as he searches for the missing piece.

‘I have been lonely for almost 32 years of my life, and I am not saying it metaphorically as this is my real age. Everyday I leave my bed with a though, infect an advertisement in my head ‘A 32 year old man looking for love’…and I have been looking for love how Columbus was for the new world. My friends think that I have very high standards…wish I could tell them it’s not true at all. When you are 32 and single even if a cardboard cutout says I love you in a tacky speech bubble you will buy that or at least I will.

Often I ask myself why am I looking for love? What will it bring to me that I already don’t have? To be honest I don’t have an answer to this, but maybe we don’t do everything for a search of an answer maybe we do things coz we just like the process of it even more then the result itself. As per few of my friends who I think are getting more action then the Kardashians believe that there is no such thing as love, its an over rated term almost like sanjay bhansali’s epics. I don’t buy this at all…its like rich people pretending to lead a simple life buy carrying a canvas tote versus a berkin (I don’t think this example is relevant here, but I like it). There is love out there…I am sure, even if it’s just an idea that’s in my head its mine and I like it. Call me delusional but even that’s a state of mind it exists in theory and otherwise. On this wiser note..i’ll continue my search for the missing love. ‘


One thought on “Guest post: The missing L

  1. Not that im any expert on love, but heres a thought – stop looking, stop thinking about it, and stop trying to romantacise the idea and it may just come knocking on your door. Love is simply just companionship or so I’ve been told, my quest is yet to be fulfilled.

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