Cairo: A land of mixed emotions – The end

A few days of working later, I found myself once again with a free half day. My dad had been telling me about the majesty of the Museum so I decided to venture there. You can’t go home to mummy without seeing a mummy can you? Ok bad pun.

Anyhow, I decided it was a good day for taking a cab. After all how hard could it be to tell the cabbie to take me to the museum? Very hard, as I would soon find out.

Fast forward 15 minutes and I’m yelling away, Museum! Cairo Museum! to the guy who continues to look at me weird, head tilted, expression blank. So I walk back into the hotel and ask them to help me out. So the guy does and they look at me odd as they shake their head and say ‘Egypt museum’, mumbling away at my ignorance. Apparently I should have knows the place is titled after the country, not the city.

Finally, I make my way to the museum and walk in, go to the ticket place and ask for an audio guide. Big mistake! All of a sudden my arm is being pulled in 3 different directions as Egyptian men with round bellies, frantically pointing to themselves, yelling ‘I guide! I guide!’ I had to pass on this opportunity because I was quite sure ( upon hearing some more conversations around me) that those were probably the only 2 words of English they were fluent in.

The museum was breathtaking. Thousands of pieces dating back to the BC’s. It was fascinating. But what was disappointing was the way it was set up. There was very little structure or direction in the way the exhibits were positioned. Artifacts were strewn in haphazard manner which made the task of going through the museum a bit daunting. I have heard rumors that they were looking to open a new museum which would have the exhibits in the right order, but let’s see. Egyptians are blessed to have a wealth of treasures, thousands of years old. I just hope they cherish it.

The following days flew by as I visited the Salahadin Citadel, a resort out of the city, Tahrir Square (which  did not display the scars of what it witnessed but still had an air of unease and sadness).

In conclusion, I must say, Cairo is intimidating, enormous and frustrating. But its majestic. All I wish it had more off was sightseeing tours and a bit of order.

Here are some pictures. Enjoy:)



The Salahaddin Citadel






The mosque of Mohammad Ali

An artsy street in an area called Zamalek
Tahrir Square
Citadel view
The majesty of Cairo


Cairo Museum oh sorry Egyptian Museum

The Museum again


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