Why I love winter

If you follow this blog, you’ll realize, around December time, I usually get quite cheery, which if you know me, is not my preferred disposition. Why you ask? Because its December!! Now I live in Dubai so its not the snow falling on the ground and shrouding the sand with its majestic whiteness. Heck, the weather in winter here is actually an average day in most European countries. But I still love it. I still love the 20 degree drop from 50 to 30 (even 20!) degrees Celsius. I love how everyone brings out their boots in the spirit of winter even though sandals will do the job just fine. And I especially love how walking around outdoors is now finally an option. You see, walking around in summer is punishment in Dubai. You didn’t do your homework? Bad girl! Go walk outdoors.

But not in winter. Winter walkabouts are quite the norm and really enhance the cheer. Fake christmas trees adorn most offices, people are more open to hanging around outdoors drinking coffee, smiling at each other more frequently. It’s great.

There is just something great about leaving the balcony door open as the cool wind swirls into the living room. And that hot cup of latte. Absolute bliss.

Now you see, I have never been particularly privy to what a true winter seasons is. Spent my childhood in Karachi, with highs of 45 to lows of 20, then moved to Florida for college, with highs of 50 and lows of 20s, and now Dubai with highs of REALLY high and lows of 20. It may not be ideal, but for me, winter has never been about snow. Its about being able to wear full sleeves for a change. And for being happy as pie.


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