The fridge and the cook

So, my cook is a highly eccentric and goofy man. With a love life that would make Don Juan bow his head in shame (more on that later), he is prone to yelling out religious mantras in the middle of the night and pretending not to hear you as you call out to him from the room right next door. But his religious zeal is not what fascinates me. What fascinates me is what you see in the picture below.


The adorned fridge
The adorned fridge


He likes to cut out random and completely unrelated pictures from magazines and old newspapers and put them up on the fridge. Now all of us have seen people put up pictures of loved ones or kid’s school scores proudly up on display. But I can safely say a panther lazing in some African jungle is not his ‘loved one’. So why does he do it? Why does he spend time, which he could have spent watching his shows or just relaxing, cutting these pictures and putting them up? The pictures range from ships out at sea, someone’s garden, strangers, flowers, etc.

Imagine my surprise the first time I came home and saw my fridge full of unknown pictures, cut perfectly at the edges, stuck using magnets. I turned in surprise to my mother who just shrugged. My hypothesis is that its a creative outlet. A part of him yearns to create a collage which is appealing to the eye and makes opening the fridge (a task he performs multiple times during the day) interesting to him.

For me, I find this quirk exceptionally fascinating. I find it curious that a short Swati man with an ever expanding waist line puts up these random pictures. Oh and the kicker? He changes it every week.





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