Weaving your way in a sea of apathy

Growing up I used to see my grandfather getting frustrated when people wouldn’t show up at weddings on time and if people would not return calls when they had promised they would. A person’s word was sacrosanct. And if that person went against it, he/she lost all respect in the eyes of my grandfather. I never understood this. It seemed to me a useless waste on energy because all those he was ranting about, were not worthy of his anger. If someone hasn’t risen to your expectations, just let them go. Why bother to fix something broken beyond repair? But then I got older, and I realized I was reacting in a similar manner to outside provocations. Was it genes?

So I found myself yelling at people breaking rules on the road. I found myself getting upset if someone didn’t handle their responsibility well. And I found myself getting panicked when someone let me down. How could they? They gave me their word. I would never do this. But then it struck me. And mind you it struck me really late in life. People do not work as per your principles. They work as per their own. And some have such a different set than yours, that you may be taken aback.

And I realized, above all else, another person’s inability to hold their own or to maintain decorum was leading me to lose all my marbles. I was trying to fix them. Just like my grandfather still does. And its a never-ending cycle. Because honestly, its none of your business.

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