Valentines Day: Love it or hate it?

Walking into work today, in my red pants and sorta red shirt, I think you can safely guess what I feel for Valentines right? I love it! What’s not to love? It’s a day where you get to tell someone that you love them. I don’t think that means you have to have a significant other. I think its just nice to have people who love you and you love them and you get to express it with over the top expressions. What’s the harm? Naysayers have been saying to me for days now that why do you need a day to express your feelings? Why isn’t everyday a day to express? I get where they’re coming from but whats the harm if there is a day dedicated to love? I would love to have more days like this. We should have Romeo-Juliet day and a Heer-Ranjha day. What not? I think we can safely say that we definitely need more love days. Our calendar seems to be full of mourning days, so why not add a sprinkle of some joy in there?
I fully agree that expression should not be limited to these days but why not make a big deal? Why not go all out?

In today’s world, we hold back all the time. What will society think, what will my family think, must behave myself at work, must not embarrass my friends. But then time passes you by. And you’ve spent your life unleashing only half of your potential, a fraction of your feelings and a tiny bit of your magic. Because you feel the world can’t handle it. But does it matter? Why would you possess all this fire if you couldn’t express it? And when have feelings of love, of joy, ever hurt anyone? (Unless you’re a sadistic sociopath on a warpath. I’m talking normal here.)

So I feel, use this opportunity to let someone know how you feel. Anyone. Best friends, family, anyone. Because if we spend life wondering how people will react to our insanity, we’ll never give them a chance to enjoy it.

Happy Valentines Day everyone:)

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