Yogafest 2013

So, as you may remember, my last year’s resolution had been to take yoga seriously, or rather take up yoga without dropping it within a couple of months. And I did it! I successfully stuck it out, touched my heels to the ground in the downward dog pose and found moments (very surprisingly) of absolute and utter inner peace.

So, this is how I ended up at the Yogafest in the Dubai Media City Amphitheater, last weekend. A completely free community event where the proceeds go to charity, this 2 day fest is truly inspiring. Upon walking in, you are greeted by small stalls of people showcasing organic products, yoga gear, yoga classes among other things. All around the grass glinting to the bright sunlight and people are strewn all around, on multicolored yoga mats, engrossed in their different poses.

I made my way over to my first class, Full Moon Meditation. Lead by an accomplished instruction who dabbles in meditation, yoga, tarot card reading and hypnotherapy (wow huh?), we formed 2 wide circles, held hands and closed our eyes. The guided meditations started from channeling the energy between us, but ended up leading us to this glowing light within. I cannot explain it. And for a person as wired as me (I check my phone an average of twice per minute), it was impossible to believe my mind was following the sound of her voice into a void deep within. There was this calm all around and I can safely say, I was pleasantly surprised that I could find this silence when as a norm, there is usual chaos wrecking havoc in my mind.

Next was Full Moon Yoga. Something I’ve been dying to try since I began yoga. The moon is an important element of yoga, a fact I was not familiar with. It channels your energy in a totally different way, as you alter the poses and direct your focus to the moon as it reveals itself. So here we were, facing the moon, directing our thoughts to it, as we did a variation of Hatha yoga. It was different. And it was enlightening.

The day concluded with a concert. But my mind was made up. I loved this. And I loved it. I had joined yoga as a very cynical person, knowing fully well that I was too hyper a person to be calmed down via a variety of poses. But it has helped. The calm that comes over you when you push your body past previously accepted limits.

The event was wonderful because it bought together individuals that do yoga because of the love for it. No money involved, no fame, no pressure, no compulsion, just love. And that to me is inspirational.


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