Taste of Dubai

An interesting event occurs in Dubai, usually at the end of winters, so around March time every year. This is ‘Taste of Dubai’ and that is exactly what it is. So I finally found my way to this event and was taken aback by the amount of foodies, all lined up outside to grab their ticket into culinary heaven. So we grabbed our tickets and I could barely hold myself back as I pushed through the barrier and ended up on the grassy plains of Dubai Amphitheater. There, lined up all around, were kiosks featuring restaurants, both mid level and uber swanky, as well as drink stalls and dessert stations. It was literally a foodie paradise.

Featuring restaurants like Nobu, Asado, TBJ (The Burger Joint), Ruth’s Chris, Thiptara, Pf. Chang among others, it is an event that is unique and so utterly fascinating. The concept is, that one can choose samples from all these different restaurants, and try their signature dishes for a very very affordable price. The samples are about half the size of the actual dish but they definitely convey the taste in all its glory.

So, we were on our way. Stopping like starving kids at each stall and grabbing bits for minuscule prices. Needless to say, within the first 3 attempts, we were full. I’m talking belly bursting, i’ll-never-touch-food-again, full. And it was glorious. Food heaven achieved for a mere hundred (or 2) dirhams.

Out of the food items I had the chance to taste, I would ¬†recommend the crab cakes at Thiptara and the cheesecake and dynamite prawns at Ruth’s Chris. Absolutely divine.

Aside from the food, people could enjoy a live concert. I would hold back on the ‘enjoy’ bit because the lady was singing quite off-key and a few times abandoned the song midway because she couldn’t reach the high notes. Regardless, people were dancing about, drinking and frolicking. It was quite an event. And really a ‘taste’ of Dubai.

* Ruth’s Chris is at the H Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road

* Thiptara is at Palace Hotel, Downtown




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