Green sweatshirt

Recently, while going through my drawers overflowing with clothes, I was surprised to see I have some stuff dating back to college era. We’re talking 2003 here. Shame. I am a hoarder. But that’s not what this post is about.
So, I’m setting aside the clothes I need to give away. And I come across my USF Bulls sweatshirt. 3 sizes too big. Purchased at Zainab market, not the overpriced campus store ( who’d have thought). And companion on many a trip. Germany, Austria, Atlanta, Murree and Spain to name some of its privileged destinations. It’s also been the warmest thing I’ve owned throughout all my Dubai summers. Plus its been a great comforter on those feeling-blah days.
But it was also witness to an interesting event.  One of them being the first time I hitched a ride with my husband. This is 5 years ago. It was a Lyceum reunion ( which consisted mainly of his friends, more on that later) and he had offered to pick me up. So here I am, feeling very awkward about getting there alone and he offers to pick me up. Now a normal girl would dress up to meet old classmates. Not me. I pulled on thus green sweatshirt/hoodie. Pulled back my hair and was all set.
A blue car pulls up and my now husband, then old classmate, steps out to greet me. And what is he wearing? A suit! And a really nice one, as he was coming back from work. I look down on my sweatshirt and feel a bit out of place.. But hey… It’s ok.
That was then. Three years later the sweatshirt came back. My first Dubai winter. We’re at Global Village, an outdoor open market of things from all over the world. And this time he’s wearing it.

I look at the sweatshirt and ponder about how life can change so drastically but with such ease that you don’t even realize. And how this hoodie is witness to all the changes and has somehow made it past the ups and downs and ended up right back in my drawer. I think, how odd it is, that in that moment, we never think that what we are wearing could make its way into our future…a future we could never imagine. And then we are in the future, wearing the same garment, that is now covering a soul feeling very different from what it did a few years ago. So much changed. So much became better. So much ended. But the green sweatshirt has steadily been making it through it all, ready to be thrown on, whenever it may be needed.


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