Sikka art fair 2013

Hosted in the Al Fahidi Fort in the Bastakiya historical district of Dubai, the Sikka art fair is definitely worth a visit. A cultural and artistic venture, this fair features local artists from all over the UAE to come showcase their talent in the form of installations, art and other creations. The fort, built with multiple rooms and hidden alleyways serves as a great exhibiting center, where people can walk through the winding streets, stop at exhibitions, hidden in small workshops, and appreciate the pieces.

I happened to go around 7:30 pm, which was wonderful, because I got a chance to experience the fort in all its low-lit glory. Walking through the tiny streets, one could push open small metallic doors and go in and appreciate different exhibition rooms, complete with small workstations and the materials being used by the artists (as well as some half finished pieces which were amazing).

Interspersed with the art were concerts being held in the main courtyard. Local artists playing jazz and rock beats were performing on a small raised platform, while people relaxed on low bean bags, enjoying the show, with its magical backdrop of the fort.

It’s a wonderful initiative and I’m lucky I got a chance to go see it this year. Already looking forward to next year and encourage everyone in Dubai to at least drop by and check it out. Maybe even buy a piece or 2:)

The Sikka entrance Light installation The winding alleywaysAnimation showcasing Streets IMG_1723-001Enjoying the concert

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