There is chaos all around. Chaos on the streets. Chaos in homes. Chaos on TV. Chaos in hearts. Chaos in minds. It’s very easy to get caught up in this chaos. When you’re being pulled apart and being put back together as and when people deem fit. Everywhere around you is confusion. But the true confusion is in your mind. In your never-stopping, constantly-raging mind. And you wish you could find a way, a place, a mantra or an outlet to just find some silence. And then you explore stillness.

It was introduced to me in yoga class. The last 5 minutes when you are told you relax your aching muscles and lie flat on your back. You’re told to place your palms facing the sky and your ankles and feet relaxed. Then the instructor begins to tell you on how to ‘let go.’ You begin to feel each and every limb in your body relaxing as you truly begin to let it all go.

I remember the first time I was asked to place myself at the mercy of the instructors soothing voice, the air gushing through the ceiling vents and soft music softly making its way into your ear. It was uncomfortable to say the least. And above all it made me feel…vulnerable. I didn’t like it. I felt exposed. And the first couple of times, I had to make an active effort to remain alert. To not get lulled into a relaxed state. It just wasn’t in me. But slowly, it became too tough to keep fighting a voice when your soul is eager to figure out the art of stillness.

And then slowly, I began to let go. In those 5 minutes I found what others yearn for. Stillness. When the mind finally takes a seat on a soft cushiony sofa and begins to relax. It begins to dispel thoughts that have plagued you all day, the hows, the ifs, the whys. It begins to stop searching for answers and instead begins to say ‘This is my time. And I refuse to let your harrowing thoughts make me work overtime. You need to stop.’

And it’s amazing. You realize everything that bothers you. Your overactive mind that sometimes  steals your sleep is finally allowing you 5 minutes of reprieve. You both are finally on the same page.

But once you find it. You never want to break out of it. You want to be in a perpetual state of ‘letting go’.

In a state of consistent peace, where over-thinking is but a distant memory.


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