100th post: 10 things I’ve learnt from blogging

Yay! Yes I said that exactly as Cher said it in Clueless. Yay! There, I said it again.

So, this is my 100th post and I am very very happy that I’m still here and I haven’t bored the world out there too much. This blog is now officially short of being  2 years old. Well, keeping in mind the 2 year active stint and the 100 posts, I thought it best to write down the things I loved most about blogging and the lessons I learnt from it.

1. Blogging is cathartic: I remember the first day I launched this blog. I had had a private one before this but I never thought I would have the courage to actually come out and share my thoughts and more importantly, the mode and words I used to share them.  But the first time I wrote, I realized I felt great. I was saying what I felt and like it or not, it was out there. It made me feel lighter and connected to others via a mode of virtual understanding and in some cases, empathy.

2. Blogging gives you clarity of thought: There have been many a times that my thoughts have felt fumbled. As if the solution or clarity is lurking right beyond the accessible corners of my mind. That is when I have turned to my blog. Saying it out loud has helped me to understand the situation better and look at it from a fresh perspective.

3. Blogging can be your contribution: I am an obsessive Googler. The thought of not knowing instantly the response to a query can drive me mad. But sometimes, there isn’t anything out there. That is when I try and write about things I have experienced or seen so whoever out there is in need of some quick authentic info, this blog can be their source (hopefully).

4. Blogging helps me appreciate and share all I love: I have written many reviews and opinion pieces about various forms of art: books, movies, plays, even spas. Why enjoy something yet keep it to yourself?

5. Blogging makes you a better writer: I have my on and off days as a writer. But each day I know there is only one thing I truly love and that is writing. When I work on a post I am particularly passionate about, I strive to find the perfect words to convey it. Sitting there, hunched over and trying to find the perfect expression helps me to play with a plethora of words and express myself in a more effective manner.

6. Blogging reminds you how enormous the world is: Getting responses from people from various parts of the world really makes my day. It makes me happy to know that someone I don’t know at all has read my posts and feels that it resonates with his or her life situation. It’s exciting to know how unexplored the world is and how many wonderful people there are out there for you to meet.

7. Blogging gives you a different perspective: While traveling and exploring new cities or activities I often find myself trying to find the unique angle that would make them something interesting to write about. This makes you more alert to your surroundings and to new experiences.

8. Blogging makes me feel liberated: An empty page, the freedom to write as and when you please and to cover topics that you deem worthy and of interest. No judgement. Just pure and simple expression. Could there be any better feeling?

9. Blogging has made me accomplish more: When you write something, the pure act of putting it down on paper, or screen, makes it tangible. One example is my yoga or book reviews. Now, I know I must write about it, hence I must attend it or complete it. Suddenly you are accountable to yourself and abandoning a half finished project makes you feel a lot guiltier than it would before.

10. Blogging allows me to express how much I really love the people I do: You know who you are:)

So thank you, reader. Here’s to another 100 fun posts!


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