Winter rolls around

All it takes is one gust of wind. One single breeze that takes the temperatures to a pleasurable low and takes people out onto their terraces. Suddenly, the entire ambience of Dubai changes. Last weekend, such a gale graced us with its billowing winds and it’s below-boiling degrees. It just came out of nowhere and it made us all happier.

Dubai, a land in the middle of the desert, hardly an oasis but built like the magnificent city of Atlantis, enjoys summer 80 percent of the year. The winds that we are accustomed to, usually hit at impressive speeds but seem to tear off a piece of your skin as they brush by. That is why this new type of breeze is so much more welcome. It means that for the next 3 months, you can sit outdoors without the fear of evolving into a chameleon, peeling skin at intervals. It means you can enjoy hot coffee, outdoors. Yes! I said outdoors. It means you can wear sandals without the fear of your little pinkie touching the scalding glittering tiled roads of Downtown. Touch away little pinkie, touch away. It means you can sit on your balcony without feeling like you’re paying rent for a high-rise in hell.

Personally, my mood elevates at the same speed as the decreasing temperature. One less degree means I am less likely to kill someone. Also one degree less likely to yell at that speeding car or purposely bump into the overeager mall-trollers.

It’s just not me though. People start to come out of the woodwork. All day, under the glaring sun, people can be found under thin umbrellas, flanking various cafes. The looming buildings take on a friendlier hue, looking less intimidating, their windows now glimmering with festivity instead of menace.

If you are planning a trip, I would suggest now is the best most ideal time. It’s when Dubai comes to life and well, when life comes to Dubai.


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