The hype of NYE

Something about ‘important’ events and milestones makes me nervous. There is a time clock counting down the days and in my mind, these feel time bombs. Everyone becomes hyper and people begin making frantic calls for elaborate celebrations. This can mean birthdays become stressful, who-do-I-call, where-do-I-go, will-that-person-make-it type soirees that end up being more of a hassle than a celebration. It’s just more stressful than need be.

But the occasion or rather event I have been wanting to write about is NYE. As a child, I remember NY eves being all about family, and hugging and kissing and a lot of resolutions. There was a genuine excitement within everyone because it felt that it really was a chapter turning. Everyone got a clean slate and next year would be everything you dreamed off. But then I became familiar with NYE and how important it was to ‘have the time of your lives.’ This concept was introduced to me in college and I must say, it has never fared me well. For example, one NYE, I was living with my very protective uncle in Florida and me being a natural rebel, just had had HAD to go out. He was uncomfortable and I was stubborn. So I jumped into my car and called up my very reluctant best friend that tonight ‘we would have the best time of our life!’ She sighed, hung up the phone and forced herself off the sofa to get ready. And just as I hung up the phone, I heard a thud. I was too nervous to turn my head around and I didn’t need to, because my uncle was already rushing out, fumes coming out of his ears. I had hit his friend’s car. Long story short, that night was a lot of tears, screaming, guilt, car repairs and door slamming. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t quality for ‘the best time of our lives‘.

Let’s just say, I was 19 then, and since then I tried many NY Eves to have the fun they have in movies. Where everyone is together, screaming, shouting with joy, there’s a bunch of hugs and oh of course everyone looks ravishing. But the higher my expectations, the varied my experience. And this year, a thought hit me. You may say, a bit too late huh Sarah? But I say…’It’s never too late to let go on crazy expectations’. So this year, I decided I will do what truly makes me happy and not what Facebook ordained is the ‘best time of your life.’ I will spend NYE on my balcony, enjoying the cool winter breeze of Dubai and watch the fireworks, right from home. And you know what? I’d lie if I said I didn’t feel the urge to get caught up in the who’s who of partying but I would be saying the UTTER truth when I tell you it a the darn good NYE.

Burj Khalifa Fireworks 2014
Burj Khalifa Fireworks 2014



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