‘Oh sorry…I didn’t see you’

Pakistanis seem to be suffering from an epidemic. It has spread far and wide and seems to affect the affluent class more than others. What is the epidemic you ask? The first symptom is temporary tunnel vision, followed by a short-term memory loss. There is a stiffening of the muscles as the eyes take on a glassy hue. But what is the trigger for all these symptoms? A casual meeting at a wedding/get-together/or any congregation.

Let me tell you how it plays out. You bump into someone at this above mentioned place and you recognise them. But suddenly the symptoms of this epidemic take over and your body is forced to react. You brush past each other, no pleasantries exchanged. The symptoms then melt away, as you move on back into reality. Is it just pure rudeness? Of course not, it is the epidemic.

How do you get infected? No one knows, but it has struck quite a few in Pakistan. I cannot say how or why it can be fixed, or why it only affects so many, but see it for yourself. Brush past an acquaintance in Pakistan and see the reaction. Here’s hoping your bumpee isn’t affected.


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