Strange obsessions

Recently, a video caught my attention on Facebook. A Pakistani designer has apparently launched their own lawn line and put up the video to show it’s opening day popularity. However, to me it seems a disturbing video, and they must have agreed because they took it down soon enough (on the same day). The video shows hundreds of women, of all ages, running into the exhibition, the moment the flood gates are opened. And there is a desperation to this stampede that is sad. It seems the crowd was being held back with Herculean strength because the moment the doors opened, women just ran forth. And I mean RAN forth. Unbridled, uncontrolled, with a greed in their eyes which is what made me sad. And even though I have never had the pleasure to attend a lawn exhibition, I have heard the rumours about women getting trampled during these 2-3 day sales and cloth running out faster than food at a Somalian camp. Yet,  year after year, the exhibitions continue and women keep attending, the fervour increasing with each sale. At a tea I once attended in Dubai, I heard some ladies talking about the exhibition experience and apparently bashing it as juvenile. But then the same lady pipped up about how she was ‘smart’ enough to pick up quite a few pieces so she could bring it to Dubai and sell it here, for a hiked up price. I didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. So one minute we shake our head in distaste, only to became part of the frenzy the next. And in a country where we need this kind of enthusiasm to rebuild, to shake things up, to stand up for justice, why are we instead putting on our Gucci’s and running towards cloth?


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