Success is so relative

Recently, my sister said something very wise; ‘Success is relative‘ and the statement just sort of stuck in my mind. We live each day, working towards success. Now I’m sure that paints a certain picture in your mind. The hamster running on the wheel, never stopping, panting with tongue out, the goal always a bit out of reach. At least that is how I have always evaluated my life. I needed to keep running, to never step off the wheel, to never give up because then my success would be unattainable. That is because to me success was very one dimensional. There were no two ways about it, that is how success translated itself to me, so I kept running. But then sometimes you fall off the wheel and you feel so much anger. As success becomes a smaller light in your tunnel, you find yourself grasping at it, frustrated and helpless. But your legs need rest and the wheel seems to move faster once you’re off it. And then you hear this wise statement and realise that you had been evaluating success on a global landscape whereas it should be much more personal than that. It should stem from your own desires and goals instead of what the wheel decides is your destiny. Another wise quote is that true success should be when you compare yourself to the you from yesterday and find that today you are better, happier, wiser, not to what you think is the cumulative goal of hundreds and where you fall in the food chain.

And I realized, if we all just evaluate our success based on US, as individuals, we will be so much better because then we can track it based on what the goal is. I also realised my goal is peace and happiness, and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a wheel for such goals. It’s a beautiful path, lined with flowers and the road may be cobbled and uneven, but the destination is very much within arm’s reach.


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