Review: Le Meridien Al Aqah Resort

I usually don’t write reviews, but I’m compelled to this time because of the tough time I have while picking out resorts. I wish there was more information about places in UAE. But here’s my experience at the resort and why we picked it.

My in-laws are in town and I wanted to find a nice brunch place for them to enjoy good food and a nice ambience. So I stumbled on this resort online and was pleased to find good reviews online. It was said to be the nicest place in Fujairah and I wouldn’t disagree.

So we drove over, it’s about 2 hours from Downtown Dubai. The drive is really pretty, with a changing terrain of desert sand which ranges from light orange to deep caramel, with camels lazily meandering on both sides of the road. As you approach Fujairah, the terrain changes to slightly mountainous and hilly.

We approached the hotel, a towering building rising from both sides, to a peak in the middle. We went in and you have to get a pass for brunch and pool access. The staff is very helpful and the food is a delight. You have a range of food from lots of seafood dishes like calamari paella, grilled prawns and crabs and sushi. One can also request freshly made eggs and french toast. Other dishes include lamb shank, pasta with white sauce, different types of salads and a kiddie corner with Nutella sandwiches, fries, breaded fish pieces and brownies.

The dessert section isn’t bad. I wish there were more chocolate options, but there is a yummy chocolate fountain with marshmallows. Another dessert I recommend was the apple strudel kept nice and warm throughout.

The brunch lasts from 12:30 to 3:30 so you have ample time to scarf down the delicacies.

You get coffee, tea and a nice mix of house beverages also with the brunch.

After the decadent meal, we headed to the pool area, which is adjoining to the private beach. The private beach had lovely thatched roof umbrellas and lounge chairs. And the pool was MASSIVE, but crowded.

We ended up sitting in the middle of pool/beach area in a raised cabana like restaurant. It has floor seating with large cushions to rest on as you take in the beautiful backdrop of rising mountains.

It truly is a beautiful resort and your beach access lasts till late evening, around 8.

So if you are planning a trip to Fujairah, I highly recommend this place for a nice family relaxing day or just an unwinding day trip.

The pool area
The pool area

One caveat: The temperatures are heating up so Late October to end March would be the ideal time to visit. Late April was a bit hot.



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