Moving on

So many of us fear moving on. We don’t move past old relationships, friendships, familial expectations because we are unsure about what the future holds. We are also iffy about how we truly feel about our current situation. Are we truly unhappy/dissatisfied or will things go back to how they are in our idealistic rose colored minds?
I’ve been in this predicament quite a bit recently, flitting back and forth between how the present is and what I would like my present to be. I find myself over compromising because I feel like this is something that is important to me. But importance cannot be just given, it needs to be felt too. And sometimes we are so blinded by the old that we do not want to venture into the new and let in different experiences.

This happens a lot with relationships. As we grow old, we realise a lot of relationships are so important to us, it would break out hearts to let them go. So we keep going back to water the plant of that relationship. The fear is, that it will wilt away and we would have lost something precious.

But the problem with that is, we water the plant so much that it withers away anyway. And, in the process of over-watering it, we forget to plant the seeds for new plants. So, instead of a lush garden filled with beauty, you have a wilting plant and barren land.

The same is with your day to day and life itself. You repeat the cycle of life, ending the day with listing down things you would have liked to do. Yet you never do them. Why? Because you never take the step towards that improvement, that growth, that exit from complacency. So like the movie, Groundhog Day, you are condemned to living a similar life each day. But something needs to change. You need to shake that complacency and move on. Because tomorrow is a luxury we barely know we’ll get.

Imagine, the uncertainty of tomorrow and yet we sit here making plans for a future that may or may not come true.



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