Bone of contention

Satisfaction. So easy to achieve, yet so elusive. So many of us spend so long chasing it that we forget that satisfaction is a woman you loved at some point in your life, who slipped through your fingers, doesn’t reply your calls but drops you a message on important holidays and flashes you a smile across a crowded room. You know she’s around, she evokes a passion in you, she never lets you forget her, but she is never yours for the taking. And she never will be. So you resign yourself to the fact that the one smile you get once a year is pleasurable enough to float you through the rest of the 364 days.

Satisfaction is as elusive. But that’s only if you believe that satisfaction lives outside of you. It lives in that bag you bought, that dress that makes you look 10 pounds lighter, the job that squeezes your brain but leaves you moderately fulfilled or a loving family. Wrong. It doesn’t. By imposing your desire for satisfaction onto those material possessions or loving bonds, you’re giving them the power  and you’re being darn selfish. You’re intertwining yourself to the fate of others, imposing yourself onto their hopes and dreams. You’re basically plopping yourself onto their couch, watching their TV, sipping their coke and then getting annoyed when they ask to share the sofa with you.

Satisfaction isn’t outside of you, it’s within you. It’s eager to leave the nest and make a home elsewhere, but technically, it resides in your mind, in your spirit. It reacts to your thoughts and it piggybacks on your opinions. But it hides, in the crevices of your self-esteem, looking for ways to manifest itself but then sneakily hiding whenever you have a bad day.

The true master is one who has learnt the art of manipulating satisfaction. Who yells out from rooftops, even on the stormiest night that ‘Bring it on, I am content.’ Will he get struck by lightening? Maybe. But will he enjoy that moment of pure and utter satisfaction? Of knowing that he has controlled the overactive mind that was searching for happiness outside and made it realise the joys that reside within? Probably. So get on that rooftop and yell out ‘I am content’ because that’s the only way you will be. When you say it and you believe it is when it will BE.


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