A sad day for humanity

Being a Pakistani, you become quite immune to bad news. It’s almost like you come to accept it as a part of life, a baggage that is difficult to offload. But then a tragedy occurs and all of sudden you’re speechless. It renders you broken and helpless. Such an incident happened on December 16th, 2014, in Peshawar. Militants attacked a school and killed 132 children and 9 staff members. 132 souls were extinguished before they even had a chance to step beyond those school walls and experience life for themselves. And they were the victims of some twisted revenge and immature, cruel logic.
The reason it shook Pakistan is because of the amount of innocent lives lost in one go. 132 families left bereft. 132 families preparing lunch for kids that never made it home.
It breaks my heart because it shows that these cruel militants have no remorse and no conscience. Which is something that makes them an enemy that you cannot understand or defeat because they fear nothing. After all, how can you put the fear of God in people who believe they’re doing the deed for God? How can you rattle those who feel nothing when looking into the fear-stricken eyes of a child? Who pull the trigger no matter how many tears are being shed right in front of their eyes?
It made me realise my nation has found a new low, a low we never thought it could fall to. It has reached a soulless place from which I fear there is no return. It makes me question the apathy of our leaders and our military? Where were you when these children needed protection? How will you ever sleep again? But more importantly, how will we, as a nation, ever seek forgiveness from those 141 families that lost a loved one? We let you down, we all did. And we also lost a part of ourselves. A part of our future. A part of our soul and a part of our humanity.


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