Where have all the bookstores gone?

It happened one day, suddenly and left us book-lovers reeling with disbelief. Borders was shutting down? How! Where would we go for our book fix? How will we escape reality?

I believe it was September 2011, that Borders officially closed it’s doors in the US. But luckily in Dubai, we still have a few left. Now if you try and Google Borders, you will be redirected to the Barns and Noble website. The ones that we have in Dubai now feature more toys and stationary than they do books.

The one bookstore that is Dubai’s salvation (read: book lovers salvation) is Kinokuniya. Located in Dubai Mall, it’s a massive bookstore and rarely ever let’s you down. Their stock is great, the staff is well-informed and they’re pretty up to date with the latest book. But I fear for it. I fear that it will suddenly realise that they’re not selling enough to sustain the space they take up, which is quite massive. But until it’s around I really hope it will stick around, because you can truly get lost in it.

What’s upsetting is that why are bookstores on the decline, whereas toy stores, clothing or shoe stores are on the rise? Don’t people miss just sitting around surrounded by stories? Just pick one up and get lost in it? I hope it’s a passing trend and our next generation somehow finds a deep love for books and they all make a comeback. Until then, I’ll do my bit. Buy a book here and there, keep the reading going and hope you all will do the same.


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