Being grateful

…is quite a chore if you ask me. It seems like in today’s world, even happiness has become a chore hasn’t it? You want to be happy, you have to make yourself happy. It doesn’t come easily anymore. It needs to be assessed and accessed from deep within. It needs to be hunted and coveted and seduced. It never just appears at your doorstep. But why and when did it become such a chore?

I think this is where one should take a step back and realise where actual happiness comes from. In my experience it’s rooted somewhere deep within gratitude. It makes sense doesn’t it? How can you be happy unless you’re grateful for all you have? But then again, here comes gratitude once again, demanding attention and devotion. Demanding that it be acknowledged and revered. It just seems our life then becomes an eternal search for happiness by an eternal reverence for gratitude. And personally that’s tiring isn’t it. To be in the middle of a situation, then stop. Step away from it. And then say to yourself; ‘Darn I need to feel grateful about this.‘ The moment has then passed. And you’re feeling grateful but damn cheated. You missed the moment because you were reminding yourself of a habit.

I’ve decided to look at gratitude differently. I’ve decided I don’t want to make it a big deal. I want it to be a natural reaction to things. I’m drinking water, and I should be grateful because it’s a luxury many can’t have. I’m driving, I’m lucky I have feet. Everything that happens to us, happens for a reason. Someone let you down? Well here’s your chance to see them for who they really are, or it’s your chance to change your expectations of them. So be grateful for that. It’s not an effort anymore, it should be a natural reaction. Because things happen around us and we question them, sometimes cowering like a victim, question why why why. But the point is. It happened, and time has moved on. And you can either stand still, as the waves of time blow against you or you can turn and move forward, looking ahead, feeling grateful. Because if it was good, you damn well deserved it, and if it was bad, it’s life saying ‘buddy, I’m teaching you a lesson today. You’ve been skipping class too often recently. So here it is. Now learn and be grateful.’ 

It’s really not that hard. And I don’t mean to sound flippant. But the amount of articles out there telling us constantly to remember that gratitude needs to shown can get tiresome. I don’t want another reminder. Work, life, spouses, responsibilities are reminders enough. Happiness should be innate. It should be self-sustaining, not a monster that needs to be fed or it sucks the life out of you. It should remain dormant, bubbling with energy but never overflowing and never abandoning. Just there. Like a trusty shadow. Ready to bring a smile to your face when you need it. This is my goal, going forward. May happiness be your inner lava.



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