Colouring outside the lines

For most of my life, I’ve been considered a rebel. It wasn’t that I was doing anything very crazy, but I was mostly going against the fray. But in some cases, my OCD nature never allowed me to completely break the mould. I didn’t like it, but I respected authority. Blame it on a strict education in my primary years, but to some extent you come to obey rules and obligations. But then as I got older, I began to realise that it didn’t have to be that way. That staying within ‘limits‘ wasn’t always conducive to one’s growth and nature. But by then, as you know, some rules are set. Life goes on, you become what you were meant to be and you’re pretty satisfied with how far you’ve come. Then you have a child, and suddenly you’re being looked up to. You have to watch your words and your actions because they’re being imprinted onto a little brand new canvas. You start to reassess who you are and what you stand for. You begin to question your capabilities because you want them to be exemplary. If not that, then at least commendable. You want to suppress your negative qualities because you’ve been given a chance to mould a tiny life, and you don’t want to mess that up.

Because you realise that when your daughter was born, two people came into being; a new baby and a new mother. So you go into your mind and you explore who you truly are. Are you living your potential? Did you do all you wanted to do? Is this who she will look up to? For me, there was so much I wanted to explore, I felt, hey, why not explore it together?

I’ve always loved to read, so I try to read to her every night. I love travelling so we try and take her to as many places as we can. I want to encourage her to explore, so we try and discover something new as a family, every weekend. And. I love art.

I’ve always dabbled with it, but then once I turned 16, I let it go. I turned my attention to college, to work and to my writing and somehow this took a backseat. But now I want to give it more importance. Not because I suddenly want to become an artist or open up a gallery. Nothing that serious (but hey if I do find out I’m sort of OK, I might just put my stuff on Facebook!). But I want little L to feel the importance of art. I want her to understand its relevance to life and to the mind. How it can be therapeutic, yet expressive. So I started to look around and signed up for a few workshops. It was time to finally do something I had always loved from a distance but was to scared to explore. And it was perfect timing, because this way, little L could embark on this creative journey with me as well. What better time was there than now, to do something different?

One such workshop I attended was Watercolor Galaxy by Marshydoodles (You can find her on Instagram). It was hosted by Pretty Paper Studio (, which is an online store where you can find pretty much anything related to art. I must say, when I walked in, I was slightly daunted by the Winsor & Newton paints waiting there for me, with paper and a few brushes. My first thought was ‘Wow these are nice, don’t mess them up Sarah!’ But I had to calm myself down. After all, art is about letting go isn’t it? The instructor, fondly called Mars, was great. She began with explaining the basic washes, which we practiced. The class then went on to go over quite a few important watercolour basics, which was great for me, because I haven’t done anything in watercolour since maybe 10th grade.

The class was therapeutic and wrapped up with us making our own galaxy paintings in watercolour. It may seem really easy, but to a beginner, it was quite an accomplishment. I walked away feeling quite proud of myself. A little less than two decades after I stopped art, I’m trying to get back in. I hope I succeed in learning more as I go along and maybe working on some good pieces in the near future. It would be nice to show it off to my little audience (by little I mean in age) and maybe this can lead her to love art as much as I do. And maybe just maybe she will be really great at it too. (Fingers crossed).

If you’re looking to learn something new or touch up on your basics, I suggest you also attend a Marshydoodles workshop. You’ll really enjoy it. I certainly did.

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