I used to be really professionally arrogant before I became a mother. I felt some things were my God-given right. Like a place in the corporate world. Or a ‘good‘ life, just because I had a bachelors from a good institution. It made me feel puffed with pride and honestly… a bit entitled. Then life changed and my life took a 180 degree turn. It happened quite suddenly. I took some decisions and my life as a stay-at-home-mom began immediately. There began a few years of ups and downs as I navigated the ever-changing childcare landscape. The baby classes, the toddler music classes, the mom meet-ups, the keeping up with the joneses or the mama janes. The late nights, the small freelance projects I sometimes had to complete hiding inside the bathroom. The hot coffee that I drank cold. My bosses had changed to miniature slave drivers. And with that the work description changed. And it was incredibly humbling. It brought me down from my high-horse. That I had left the corporate world, and it had moved past me, while I happily raised my kids.

But then it came time to get back to business. And that was another blow to the system. It wasn’t easy. At all. I reached out from home to businesses outside, but they didn’t believe that me, the same person who had been riding the high tide of my career just a few years ago, was up to the task again. It was a shock to the system. But then it made sense. Why should they? I had disappeared from the scene. I had to get back in. And it wasn’t easy with two kids pulling at your legs every time you would try to sound like a functioning adult on the phone.

But the good news is that things do work out. It’s never ideal, but things start to pour in slowly and surely. You just need to prove yourself, which means you need to turn in work that is great. Mediocrity means your hunt will come to a screeching halt.

BUT in all this effort, it’s so important to see the bigger picture.

That we, all of us, all us moms, are working hard towards something. Whether we’re working or taking care of kids, of driving angry in the morning, or having an extra cup of cappuccino or staying up too late, taking on projects that are challenging and those that are bone-numbing dull, or worrying about our kids into the late hours, attending that class with a fake smile plastered on our faces as we try to sing along for the 100th time to ‘Baby Shark.’ We’re working HARD.

So I salute you moms. You’ve all got such full plates yet you wake up with open arms, dark circles and full hearts.

Every single freakin’ morning. 

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